Direct Mail Marketing

post-card-collage-1024x768Direct Mail Marketing Will Work For Your Business As Long As You Work It… Test, Measure, & Adjust.

Selling commercial printing services in Vancouver, BC, I get this from clients all the time. “I tried that one time before. Marketing is too expensive. Direct Mail doesn’t work. Social Media is too time consuming.” Oh my…

Your marketing should be an investment not an expense. And, the more you spend on it, the more sales and profits you should derive from it.

When you spend $100 on print marketing, you should see a return on that investment. If your goal is a return of $500 for every $100 spent, then you are making five times what you invested.

Would you not want to spend $500 then to earn $2500? Or spend $1000 to earn $5000? That is the goal of marketing whether it is print marketing or internet marketing.

Find out what works best for your business, and then scale it up as far and as fast as possible. If this does not happen in your business, then you are doing it all wrong.

Test and measure everything your business does for effectiveness. They call it A/B testing when you monitor two different strategies and see which one works better. Use unique landing page URL’s to measure the response results of each.

Continual A/B testing will tell you which method is giving you the best results. It is not a one time thing, you plan for it, you budget for it, you repeat it continually, as long as you are in business.

You might choose 4″X6″ marketing post cards, and test them against 5″X7″ post cards. You might choose different colors to see which color gets you more results. You might test different calls to action. Sometimes even a one word change makes a huge difference.

Always direct your prospects to a lead generation page or maybe a short video with a call to action. Video is hot these days. A YouTube video above your optin form may get you five times the results of a text only landing page.

Market ResearchThere is so much more that you can do to improve the response rate by testing and measuring your effectiveness of your marketing tools.

Once you find the “secret” sauce, you scale up that marketing channel immediately to take advantage of the increased sales opportunity, still all the while testing , monitoring and adjusting and tweaking until you find an even better method.

Remember that nothing lasts forever. What is trending today could very well be dead tomorrow. Things change rapidly on this fast moving planet.

You should always be looking for the next big opportunity to serve your clients with what they need in the way that they need it.

Most importantly, meet your customers at their needs, wherever that may be.

If your business is not growing then it is dying. Sorry to say that but this is a noisy world where many businesses are all vying for your customers’ attention and their money.

This is so important I will repeat this. Your marketing should be an investment not an expense. Business success is about investing resources and money to make profit.

Too many businesses do not know which marketing channels are paying off for them. They are blindly moving forward not knowing how to maximize their profits because nothing is being tested and measured. Most small businesses are flying by the seat of their pants.

You have heard the saying, “Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.” How would you know the answer? Which strategy is paying off better than the rest?

Don’t let that be you. Know where your business is coming from. Stay flexible. test, measure, adjust and grow your business.

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